Kolkata, March 03: AIZA, the design and manufacturing brand, is proud to say that it has designed the first Biswa Bangla outlet at the Kolkata Airport. Biswa Bangla has been approved by the State Government as the brand for all handicrafts, handloom and other MSSE products of West Bengal. This flagship store was inaugurated by Honourable Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Februrary 22 and is open to public since February 26.

Since then the store is doing very well and has become a popular outlet for picking up exclusive products reflecting the culture and crafts of Bengal.

AIZA has also created four unique furniture sets of folding chair and stool. These pieces are handmade and have the almost extinct Kalighat Pat Chitra hand painted on them. They are easy to dismantle and carry and hence ideally suited for the airport store. They form a very integral part of the Biswa Bangla Store.

There is a deep connection with Bengal as AIZA's first collection of furniture launched in Kolkata in 2011 was a tribute to great Bengal. It is quintessentially colonial yet contemporary. This collection represents the familiar images of Bengal, and more especially of Kolkata.

AIZA's creations are a modern interpretation of our quintessential Indian-ness.

Commenting on the brand, Ipsita Johri Rane, Founder of AIZA Designs says "Aiza believes that India is many countries in one country - this allows me to have a vast portfolio; Bengal is about its artistic finesse, fabric of living woven around Tagore, and famous British architecture. What better way to be inspired then!"

Says Ipsita Johri Rane, "the USP of our designs, as with the ethos of AIZA is that our concept is unique and that is why they wouldn't be found anywhere else. Its premium-ness comes because of this exclusivity".

All AIZA's collections and designs are on www.aizadesigns.in

For further information please write to ipsita.johri@aizadesigns.in